The Dawning of Eternal Hope - An Advent Poem



When all seems lost, dear saint of God
Recall the treasured news
Of how God broke into the world
To walk within our shoes

When Adam fell both sin and death
Covered the world like night
Yet in the garden, God promised a Man
Who would come and put things right

For so long the world yearned and craved
God’s pledge to crush the snake
While His hidden plan rolled along
God would not his word forsake

When the fullness of time had come
Though God’s Son was born obscure
The sun awoke, the king was born
Good news had dawned for sure

This God-man sent from heaven
With a mission to complete
He lived and died and rose again
Our redemption to achieve

And now this Christ, He reigns on high
But surely will come once more
To gather his chosen to himself
And all that’s wrong restore

So weary saint rejoice in God!
Though in this life we groan
Christ dwells in us now by his Spirit
To comfort and cheer his own

Lift your eyes today by faith to see
Your Savior, Shepherd, King
And may your hope shine ever brighter
Till fullness of grace he brings

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