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The Dawning of Eternal Hope - An Advent Poem

When all seems lost, dear saint of God Recall the treasured news Of how God broke into the world To walk within our shoes When Adam fell both sin and death Covered the world like night Yet in the garden, God promised a Man Who would come and put things right For so long the world yearned and craved God's pledge to crush the snake While His hidden plan rolled along Go...

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Joseph goes from confused to awestruck as the angel tells him that God is coming down to save his people from their sins....

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His Name Shall Be Called Prince of Peace

What would it be like to have real, true, lasting peace? Your past redeemed, your present settled, and your future secure. Is it possible? It is. ...

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Christmas Humility

Christmas is a time to celebrate humility and grow in humility. If we're honest, humility doesn't come naturally to us. One thing is clear though. Humility is crucial for Christians. The bible has nothing kind of say about proud people. So, how do we get humility? These verses says we get humility by seeing and loving the humility of Jesus Christ at Christmas....

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Good News of Great Joy

We know the story well. Some shepherds in a field, the angel of the Lord, and the announcement of news that a baby has been born in a nearby town. But there is more to the story than we may see at first glance. ...

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Ten Reasons Jesus Came

Why do you celebrate Christmas (if you do, that is)? Many would acknowledge that it is a time to remember the birth of Jesus Christ but may only have vague ideas why this is such an important event. Vague ideas are good for sentimentality, but won't have a very big impact on your life. So whether you celebrate Christmas or not; whether you sing Christmas tunes, exch...

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Forget Santa, Remember Saint Nicholas, Worship Jesus

I'm no Grinch when it comes to Christmas and the many traditions that people incorporate into their celebrations, but when you know the story of Saint Nicholas (you know, jolly old Saint Nick), the myth of Santa Claus loses its draw. Yes he was a real man that (unbeknownst to him) later became Santa Clause. By all accounts, he was a truly amazing man. And it is right an...

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Opposition, Indifference, or Worship

The point of Advent is worship. The point of Christmas is adoring Christ. We see this from every prophecy of the coming Messiah. We see this in every Old Testament shadow revealing Christ in the in the law, the Psalms, and the prophets. We see this especially magnified through the Gospel accounts of Christ's birth. ...

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Make Room For Joy This Christmas

Christmas is a time of reflection and a time of expectation. Christmas for the Christian has far deeper meaning than merely putting up decorations, or exchanging gifts, and singing seasonal songs. So this season, we want to remember the coming of Jesus, the promised Messiah, God's beloved Son, our gracious Savior. We want to celebrate hope entering into the world, love ...

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